Thoughts on Coaching

ILM Level 5 CoachingCoaching

• Process of helping another person to perform at the peak of their abilities
• It involves drawing out another person’s strengths
• Helping a person to overcome internal resistances and interferences
• Facilitating them to function as part of a team
• Requires an emphasis on both task and relationship
• Promotes conscious awareness of resources and abilities
• Emphasises generative change
• Concentrates on strengthening identity and values and bringing dreams and goals into reality
• Addresses the development of new strategies


• People have the capabilities they need to perform effectively
• These capabilities can be drawn out with the appropriate rewards and input
• Individual performance will naturally improve given the appropriate feedback and encouragement
• Everybody is the best in the world at something
• If people know better what they are doing well they can easily extend it
• Individuals grow and improve through stretching themselves and getting positive feedback

Leadership style…

• Non-Directive
• Provide specific on-going behavioural feedback for how to improve
• Stimulate people to act on their own, drawing on their own resources


• Setting goals
• Feedback and stretching
• Contrastive analysis
Setting goals…

‘The end toward which effort or ambition are directed’ or a ‘condition or state to be brought about through a course of action’ a ‘person or group’s desired state or outcome’…the answer to the question:
‘What do you want?’

Outcome thinking…

Outcome thinking enables you to focus on three main elements…

• Your current situation or current state: where you are now

• Your desired situation or future state: where you would like to be

• The resources you will need to move from the current situation to the desired situation.

• Take Action

What would you add to this list (and why) what would you take out? Post below


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