Super Recharge

Discover the Secret of Rejuvenating your Mind and Body in less then 20 Minutes

Super Recharge CDJust by using the Super Recharge CD gain all the benefits by sitting quietly, because the audio will do all the work for you.

We are busy doing stuff, there seems to be 101 things that need doing and our brains are working 24/7. This leads to most people being chronically sleep deprived. With this CD you can address this issue. Using a complex waveform known as Bi-aural bests, we can target brain waves and trigger the relaxation response. Taking your brain waves through Alpha brain waves (light meditative state) and Theta brain waves (first stages of sleep) recharges your brain. The CD then gently brings you back to an awakened state.

“Due to personal reasons I am having trouble sleeping at
night and did not want to take sleeping pills. My partner
bought me a copy of the Super Recharge. I still have
trouble sleeping but use of the CD during the day whenever
I find myself groggy makes a difference to the
quality of my life and I have started being able to
work again.”
David Brimms, London UK
In Just 20 Minutes You Will Equal
1 Hour of Deep Sleep

This CD represents 10 years of research into how the mind works and how to implement the theories into practice.
The Super Recharge is a technique used by some of the greatest minds in history including Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein. You can now use the latest technology to access the same states of thinking.

In so doing you will find you have:

  • More energy
  • Rejuvernated
  • Balanced
  • Focused
  • Relaxed
  • Need less sleep
  • Productivity
  • Learn faster

You will receive the latest thinking in brain entrancement with leading edge technology to enjoy a super recharge.

““ I work shift work as a nurse and found myself feeling tired all the time, and felt I was missing out on spending time with my 2 year old. I started using the recharge daily and in a few days found I had more energy and that I could recuperate from the night shifts in a short time. I have recommended it to my team, thank you.””
Theresa Edmund NHS nurse West Sussex Trust

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