Speed Reading

Transformation Through Reading

Download 20-30,000 words per minute with our Speed Reading Course

Speed Reading DVD and workbookThe Full Advanced Reading Course

Go through a 300 page book 3 times in under an hour. Super charge your unconscious mind with information and transform your life. by reading 8 books on a subject in a year, you would become an authority on the subject. Now, you hold in you hold in your hands the ability to do that in a day.

You will Learn:

  • How to make important words leap off the page
  • How to download 20-30,000 words per minute into your unconscious mind
  • The different levels of reading
  • How to judge a book for maxim retention of information
  • Flow reading, an advanced speed reading technique
  • How to create your own reference guide of the most important information of all the books you have ever read
  • A List of books on Prosperity, Psychology, Spirituality, Science, Society and Personal Development to reprogram your unconscious mind through books

The set includes:

Book, DVD, Audio CD and Special Music CD
Normally £69, publisher price £49
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