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How to Write a Speech

Public Speaking DVDThis DVD has been created by carefully de-constructing what talented people do when they’re feeling inspired.  This allows us to chart the creative process with  20/20 hindsight. Our goal is to give you the ability  to do consciously what talented people do unconsciously.

You will be able to create an original speech that inspirers and
at the same time create a key message that reflects the true you.

You will learn:


  • How to create a Sword in the Stone for your talk. This is the
    same technique used when pitching a hundred million dollar
    movie idea in Hollywood.
  • Easily come up with 100’s of ideas all relating to your talk,using
    a technique that authors of best selling books use to generate
    concepts for there stories.
  • Edit techniques used by professional writers.
  • Design concept pioneered by Walt Disney.
  • How world-class speakers take something as dry as statistics
    and make them compelling.
  • Building credibility and authority into your speech for
    maximum impact.

You may have to give a speech for work, to promote your business or charity, because you wish to build a career as a speaker, take your speaking skills to the next level or other reasons then this DVD is for you.

Buy your copy today, normally £29 publishers price £25

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or grab both Public Speaking DVD and CD (Public Speaking tips audio book £12.95) for £29.50

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