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Neuro Linguistic Programming

is a remarkable technology that unlocks many of the secrets of how the brain programmes itself. Once you learn thses patterns, you’ll be able to do what the most influential people across history have done. And our brand new and enhanced Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Course can absolutely help you unlock this true Potential.NLP Practitioner Training

When you bring your conscious mind and unconscious mind together truly magical things can happen… through our NLP Practitioner course we will show you the tools and techniques to make them work together to enhance your world.

Make a Difference-Make a Name-Make Money

This NLP Practitioner has the ability to transform your life. Once you have completed your NLP Level 1 you are qualified to apply for a place on the NLP Practitioner.

NLP Practitioner booking form. Assessment and certification included. NLP Mastery Classes. Spread the cost over 12 months with 0% APR

Book your place today for just £162.50 per month for 12 months

NLP Diploma and NLP Practitioner. Assessment and Certification. NLP Mastery Classes. 1 year learning portal. 0% apr over 12 months

Book your place for just £162.50 per month over 12 months

NLP Practitioner Package One:

This years offer £1950 includes Full Training, Manuals, Handouts, Assessment and Certification. You can also spread the full cost over 12 months


  • 3 months membership to ANLP & IBPDA
  • ANLP recognised training
  • Extra training days every year (no extra cost)
  • NLP Mastery classes
  • The ability to retake the NLP Practitioner as many times as you wish
  • Access to exclusive learning portal, 1 year
  • Full lifetime support
  • Personal feedback one to one feedback
  • One to one mentoring

“…the most important synthesis of knowledge about human communication…”?
– Science Digest

This program will certify you as a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP is a methodology for modelling excellence in human behaviour.

Initially created in the 1970’s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, NLP has consistently explored and duplicated the behavioural processes of individuals who effectively create results in their lives.

The discoveries made from the methodology of NLP have led to techniques that are used in therapy, business, health and education. NLP is a very practical approach to human behaviour. It is primarily focused on how to operate your own mind and body to create what you want in life. In this certificated course, you will be presented with skills that you can use in your own life for generating successful results, and tools for helping others attain their goals, dreams and aspirations.

You will learn a set of skills that can be the foundation for all the goals in your life. We will take you to the roots of understanding and behaviour. Before NLP we had explanations as to why we act in certain ways. Since NLP we have the understanding of how we act in those ways. Throughout this training you will uncover and work with the processes that precede behaviour. You will learn the very fabric of thought and action. It is often said that NLP has made the greatest contribution to the behavioural sciences in the last 30 years. Become a Certified Practitioner of NLP and become your very best!

“It has been a very interesting journey. The tools we can use and take forward and develop further. It has also increased my motivation to learn more and I can’t wait to start the next level of NLP Practitioner.

London 8/9 & 21-23 & 29/30 July 2017

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The only sure investment you can make; is in yourself

The NLP Practitioner gives you all the core NLP skills in a highly practical way so you can naturally integrate the NLP skills into your life.

You will have a deep understanding of Values; you will be able to recognise different values not only on an international, national and local level but you will be able to define the values of business and individuals. This is one of the most thoroughly researched value systems you will come across. This would normally be a Master Practitioner level subject, however, we feel it is so important for you to understand we include it at Practitioner level.

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World Class NLP Training

You will own the NLP language and be able to use it in your everyday life:

• Using conversational hypnosis
• Using natural conversation to facilitate change in others
• Learn to embed idea’s, learning’s and suggestions in peoples’ minds
• Learn to be precise with your questioning skills
• Able to track beliefs through language
• Use language to influence and inspire others
• Notice patterns in language and how to motivate others using their own language patterns

Learn how to model someone’s thinking process’s through their language and then install it in self and others. This one field can accelerate every area in your life by having the skills to start to learn human excellence for your self.

Learn negotiation skills, the keys to getting agreement. This also forms the basis for being able to control any conversation.

You will also learn how to create a revolution in any industry; you could go down in history as someone who changes the world. This is how people like Henry Ford, Einstein, Richard Branson and Edison did it.NLP Practitioner Course

Remove negative states in self and others

Change limiting beliefs with ease

Dramatically reduce conflict in your life by gaining an understanding of how others see the world… and why they act the way they do.

Learn to objectively view and analyze your actions… so you can coach yourself to new choices and better results

Rid yourself of mental blocks that are inhibiting your performance

The Accreditation Process for NLP Practitioner:

• Complete the full 7 days Practitioner Training (The NLP Diploma count as the first 3 days)
• Submit Three pieces of written work;
o Case study
o Integration metaphor (1000 words)
o Written test on NLP techniques and Theory

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