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“The 1 day free course is a fantastic introduction to NLP. Delivered in a friendly, humorous way – the learning is immediate and the exercises are profoundly effective, Many thanks”
– Susan Odev

NLP Diploma Course

Includes NLP Diploma live training and manual with exercises.

Dates and locations for the NLP Diploma can be found on the bottom this page or here NLP Diploma page under a drop down menu next to the question Which Course Would You Like To Attend.


How would your life change if you knew how to…

Create compelling goals
Establish effective rapport and improve personal and professional relationships

Become more persuasive and influential
Appreciate different thinking and learning styles

Be adaptable and learn quickly and easily
Overcome the effects of past negative experiences

Boost your confidence and that of others
Manage stress and be free to choose your emotions, thoughts and behaviours

Change unwanted habits
Find creative ways to solve problems

Become more successful in any area of your life that you choose and release your full potential
NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a revolutionary approach to human communication and personal development. Some people call it ‘the art and science of personal excellence’ or ‘the study of subjective experience’. It offers state-of-the-art skills in interpersonal communication and practical ways to change the way you think and behave. Its simple principles and techniques help you to build better relationships, establish a new level of confidence, and achieve success in every aspect of your life.


Trained by a certified and registered NLP Trainer

The candidate has successfully met the competency standards for NLP Diploma, as assessed by the Trainer.

The assessment criteria for the competency of an NLP Diploma graduate are based on:

ATTITUDE (embodiment of the presuppositions of NLP)
CONTENT KNOWLEDGE (principles, techniques & skills)
BEHAVIOURAL SKILLS (demonstrated integration of learning’s)


You are expected to demonstrate your behavioural integration and embodiment of the three legs of NLP at all times.


The History of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The Three Legs of NLP
• Know in detail what your outcome is (and is not)
• Have the sensory skills to know when you are achieving it
• Have the flexibility to change your behaviour until you get it

Rapport; how to build and improve relationship skills
• Matching & mirroring; how people like people who are like themselves
• Pacing & leading; how to test whether you have built a successful relationship

Sensory Acuity
• Fine tuning your senses to better understand the reactions of others (and yourself!)

Presuppositions of NLPNLP Diploma Training
• 14 keys to personal development

Well-formed Outcomes
• Ensuring that what you think you want really is what you want

The Alphabet Edit (optional for inclusion in the Diploma standard)
• A tool for solving problems and generating creativity

• The power of positive language: say what you want to happen, not what you don’t!
• Visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic styles, how to recognise them and use them to improve your communication

Simple kinaesthetic anchoring
• How to “store” your resources (e.g. confidence, happiness, calm) and regenerate the appropriate resource whenever it is needed

An introduction to Time lines
• Discover how you personally structure time, and how to place a clear goal in your future.


ALL of the NLP skills listed above are required to be behaviourally demonstrated with both self and others.


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