NLP Business Practitioner

NLP Business Practitioner The NLP Business Practitioner is unrivalled as an ‘In-House’ Training opportunity. Your bespoke training is designed around your organisation or business using cutting edge psychological techniques. You can also choose to include nationally recognised qualifications for your staff from the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of human excellence. The goal is to provide you with best practice in applying NLP to your business. Using a comprehensive understanding of NLP and business we will design the training to meet your particular needs, however, the content spans:

  • Sales presentation skills
  • Cold calling strategies
  • Sales Training
  • Marketing
  • Profiling
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Network building
  • Change management

When you understand the core skills of NLP you will then begin to appreciate how the mind functions. This will then provide you with a greater awareness of the behaviour of your staff, colleagues, suppliers and customers. Consequently, you will then be well equipped to change those habits or behaviours that are holding your team back and having a detrimental effect on your business. Quite simply, NLP is the key to success..

How would you like the training to best suit you needs?

  • One day NLP Business Introduction
  • Two day NLP Level 1 Business Certification Programme
  • 7 day Full NLP Business Practitioner
  • 1 year Elite Programme

In today’s competitive environment, companies of all sizes need to be forward thinking about their future survival and success. People are therefore the greatest asset and it wise to invest in them to ensure that they perform at their very best.

Who benefits from this training?

  • Directors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales professionals
  • Managers
  • Human Resources professionals
  • Marketing professionals

This training programme will fully equip you to learn: the most powerful NLP patterns for change; how to influence language patterns which are discreetly persuasive; how to read non-verbal responses and state control.

How the course is structured:

Using organisational goals, we will go through a process of aligning the individual’ potential in order to maximise the learning experiences for all involved. Using a combination of experiential and a pragmatic approach to learning will provide delegates with a balance of presentation, demonstration and opportunity to practice putting into action. All this builds on an invaluable feedback loop of practical application.

Our NLP Business Practitioner Training improves your delivery of business

Values motivate you to act, perform and behave in a certain way and are important to the way you live and work. When what you do and the way you behave matches your values, great things will happen. So you can understand the dire consequences if they are not aligned – ignore this at your peril.

  • The alignment of goals, values, vision and culture is key. Only once a company clearly understands what drives the business will, owners, managers and employees be motivated to facilitate achievement and fulfillment in the lives of those connected with that business. In turn this creates a strong foundation for improved performance and success. Business leverage.Achieving greater success by leveraging the performance of your people in a wide range of services, including Sales, Marketing, Customer Services and Manufacturing.

In an in-depth study of companies with core values that energised staff, Jim Collins remarked in his book entitled ‘Good to Great’ that if you invested $1 in 1926 the return on that investment would be:

  • Average company = $415
  • Good company = $920
  • Company aligned to their values = $6,356

Values will also help you develop leaders, apply your core values to marketing and sales, creating speeches and presentations that seduce the audience and anchor positive feelings.

Not only will you cover values elicitation and implementation, you will also cover NLP language models so that you can:

  • Use language as a precision tool for motivation
  • Recognise language structures that people use
  • Elicit and install hidden embedded messages (this persuasive technique is so powerful that we will also cover the ethics of using this tool appropriately).

At the moment this training is only available as an in-house training, contact us about the best training for you.


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