NLP Advanced Practitioner

We are the pioneers of the NLP Advanced Practitioner ™

The NLP Advanced Practitioner™ has been designed to integrate your NLP skills and to address the missing academic rigor missing from NLP trainings. This is included within the NLP Package 2.

Complete all the of the requirements of the NLP Practitioner, plus

NLP Advanced  Practitioner Training

“…the most important synthesis of knowledge about human communication…”?
– Science Digest

This will take you understanding of the principles of NLP to a different level. Every support is offered to enable you to write your thesis and book reports. You are given resources to show you how to prepare and write your thesis and examples of text for a pass, merit and distinction.

NLP Advanced Practitioner Thesis

Why would you want to do a thesis on NLP? We are proud of our reputation for running highly practical and intelligent courses. Which means our students have the ability to think for themselves. The thesis make sure you own the information and you have independent thinking of the subject.

Once again the thinking process that goes behind writing a book report, gives you the chance to explore the author thinking and to come to your own conclusions.

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