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Hypnosis has long caught the imagination of people throughout history.

With hypnosis, learn to tap into this powerhouse of a resource that resides inside you, and in so doing, transforming your understanding of self and others.

The first recorded formal Hypnosis date back to Egypt and ever since has helped millions of people access the vast resources of their unconscious mind.

Dave Elman - HypnosisBuilding on what you learn in the NLP Practitioner the IBPDA Accredited Hypnosis training will cover:

• Forms and levels of Trance
• Formal and Informal hypnosis
• The ethics of hypnosis and why this is important
• How to use scripts and how to create your own scripts• Master of the art of suggestions
• How to utilize each of the major areas of hypnosis
• How to utilise hypnotic interview
• Recognising the different levels of trance• Creating trance using the power of your voice
• Deepening trance techniques
• How to utilize hypnosis phenomena

Not only will you receive scripts you will also have an audio recording of each of the techniques, so that you study how each process works. You will also receive a special CD of music designed to deepen your trance work.

The manual covers the background information that is needed to fully understand how hypnosis works and where it can be utilized. All of this backed up with full multi media.

The Accreditation Process

• Attend the Hypnosis Practitioner Level 1 and/or Hypnosis Level 2
• Submit 12 worksheets
• Submit 12 hypnosis progress sheets
• Summarize 2 hypnosis books from the recommended reading list (template given 1000 words each)
• Write a 5000 word thesis on hypnosis, from a list of hypnotic topics
• Submit written test
• Submit a 1000 word plan of continual personal development for the next year.

We are proud to say all our courses are  recognised by

“A benchmark for how training and learning should be delivered/facilitated, professional, ethical and damn good fun Thanks”
Andrew DrummondMilton Erickson Hypnosis


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