To include both coaching or hypnosis courses with your NLP Practitioner, plus all the support it may seem to be an offer which is too good to be true. What’s the catch?

This is an incredible offer, we understand this. A lot of courses are overpriced, with some coaching courses running anywhere between £2500 up to £14,000 for the same information you receive on our coaching course or hypnosis as part of our NLP Practitioner.

So here’s the catch, if you can call it a catch. A large percentage of your course fee is for the fancy venue hire, if the course includes accommodation the percentage is higher. We don’t use fancy expensive venues; here is our policy for using venues:

a. Is it unusual in some way
b. Does it contribute to the local community in some way

By avoiding big hotels and conference centres we can make a difference and pass the saving onto you. For example we are supporting the Novas Charity in London by hiring one of the art venues at London Bridge.

The hypnosis and coaching courses are also being held in two  location in the UK, London and Birmingham at the moment. This is standard practice for most coaching and hypnosis courses.

We also have no sales team, if you’re in sales you know to attract good sales people, you have to pay big commissions, which you have to add to the cost of the course. So we will not be chasing you to book onto our courses, you choose to do our courses.

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