Enhanced NLP Course

Advanced NLP TrainingOur enhanced course offers you virtual classes, NLP langauge mastery serise, members area, marketing skills, and much, much more! You’ll receive not only world-class NLP Course, but all of the following:

Included with every NLP Course

 Virtual Classes

You will receive with your NLP Course,  state-of-the-art learning technology, these highly interactive, virtual classes come complete with a live trainer, providing you with a unique opportunity to:
– Have language patterns personally designed for your own use
– Receive expert feedback on your own language patterns
– Ask burning questions
– Suggest study topics (for example, how to apply NLP within a business setting, how to use NLP to improve management skills, how to make NLP work for you as a teacher…)  …all from the comfort of your own home

NLP Language Mastery SeriesNLP Langauge Mastery

Study NLP language patterns and take your skills to another level.
We take a number of real-life examples and analyse each in-depth to help us truly understand NLP in action.

By doing this, you’ll be able to:
– use language to truly transform your life and the lives of others
– identify any limiting beliefs and stop them in their tracks
– get others to do just what you them to do – whether that’s clients,     taking positive action for the benefit of your business, partners supporting you at home, or children doing as they’re told!

On the NLP course we take you through an accelerated understanding of the NLP Language skills. The NLP Language Mastery helps you implement what you learn.


Exclusive Members’ AreaNLP Members area with your NLP Course

Our commitment to you means that we provide you with ongoing support even after you’ve completed your course. You’ll receive a personal password and enrolment code that will enable you to gain access to our exclusive site crammed full of valuable resources to support your long-term learning,


  • Fully up-to-date electronic manuals
  • Videos of live NLP training,
  • key exercises,
  • virtual classes
  • Studio-recorded videos of exercises for crystal-clear understanding
  • Interactive software
  • Access to forums
  • Workbooks

You will also receive detailed information on:
– Metaphor theory
– Story-telling
– The brain and its core functions

Marketing Classes NLP and Marketing your business with our NLP Course

As part of the NLP Practitioner package you will have unique access to expert advice and guidance on all forms of marketing, whether for yourself or your

As well as being an NLP trainer, John runs his own very successful marketing company – Wizards of Ads – and we’ll help you identify the methods that will achieve maximum results for you.

We’ll share practical, proven tips on how to design a successful marketing campaign based on your own
values and aspirations. And, you’ll have the opportunity to attend monthly classes where you can:

– Ask questions
– Suggest study topics
– Obtain honest feedback on your own marketing
– Benefit from first-rate consultancy worth over £5,000!

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