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Most firms should stop wasting money on marketing.  According to Chuck McKay, owners pay too little attention to the content of their messaging, instead concentrating on the cost of advertising in various media.  This misplaced focus almost guarantees an abysmal marketing ROI.

International speaker, author, and marketing consultant, Chuck McKay, gets people to buy more of what your company sells.  Chuck teaches how to craft marketing messages which attract more and better qualified customers.  In only one half day you’ll understand exactly what to say to increase your response rate, see an influx of better prospects, and eliminate those problem customers who suck up your staff’s time and productivity.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The right thing to say in order to stand out as the best choice in your business category.  There are only three options.  Choose wisely and watch your sales explode.
  • How to find the latent purchaser benefits which trigger a sale each time they’re included.  Warning: shoppers never admit these benefits matter.  Use them carelessly and you’ll kill the sale.
  • Why you must get past features and benefits to “afters.”  Identify the “afters” and supercharge your marketing messages with singular, measurable, relevant, specific promises that your competitors can’t, or won’t, copy.
  • How to craft a meaningful message which resonates with shoppers better than “we cost less.”  Note: this is key to building a strong, profitable brand instead of trying to eke out a living as the second lowest priced provider.
  • What to say to encourage time-wasting, non-profitable shoppers to shop elsewhere.  Let your competitors deal with shoppers who demand constant attention, complain about quality and prices, who never seem to buy much, and when they do purchase they bring it back damaged and demand a refund.  You’ll be concentrating on good, profitable customers that are a pleasure to serve.

Added bonus:

Every attendee will receive our proprietary Stealth Reconnaissance training course.  You’ll learn how to mystery shop your competitors, assess their strategies, and convert their customers.

Suggested attendees:

Owners of businesses ready to concentrate on attracting large numbers of the right customers, especially in industries with highly-profitable products or services: jewelry, hearing and air conditioning, cosmetic dentistry, automobile repair, auto body repair, plumbing, dermatology, antiques, weight loss, chiropractic, interior design.



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