Brain Wave Suite

“Who Else Wants to Think Like a Genus? Using State of The Art Technology, You Can”

NLP DVD SetThe Brainwave suite. DVD, talk about the benefits of Brainwaves filmed in London. 5 CDs taking deeper into each of the different brainwave states and a workbook.

Brain Wave Suite

Boost memory
Increase neural connections

Access the same mind sets as Einstein, Mozart and Zen monks

Here’s how:
Using a complex waveform embedded in the audio CD called Binaural beats, you can retrain you brain to enter into peak states whenever you need to Brainwave studies are increasing and everyday new information is coming to light. In the July issue (2010) of New Scientist called Brain Waves, the secret language of the Brain.They quoted the Jounal of Neuroscience Vol 27, that certain brainwaves control the
flow of stored information.

Gamma Brainwave

  • Think like a Zen Monk
  • Improve your memory

Beta Brainwave

  • Like having a strong cup of coffee without the side effects
  • Become focused whenever you need to be

Alpha Brainwaves

  • Come up with new ideas whenever you need to
  • Enter a natural state of accelerated learning

Theta Brainwaves

  • Have Aha insights whenever you need too, in the same way that Edison had
  • Just a brief period in theta can restore the sodium & potassium ratio to normal, resulting in mental refreshment

Delta Brainwaves

  • Achieve deep restful sleep

The binaural beats we use appear to contribute to the hemispheric synchronization evidenced in meditative and hypnogigic states of consciousness. Brain function is also enhanced through the increase of cross collosal communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

“When I study for my degree I put on my headphones and it becomes easy to absorb the information”.”
Des Ravetz

Warning: Do NOT buy any CDs with Binaural beats unless it meets the following 2 criteria

There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you 2 criteria you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain.
1: True Binaural beats are not easy to produce, so what can happen is an approximation of binaural beats. We use only true Binaural beats in all our recordings.
2: The use of 3D sound creates an environment which produces the right sound landscape for maximum results. You can be rest assured that the CDs are all recorded in 3D

“Since I started using the Beta CD, when I run in the morning I can go an extra 20 minutes.””
David Goodman

In summary, here’s

  • Gamma Brainwave CD 60 minutes
  • Beta Brainwave CD 60 minutes
  • Alpha Brainwave CD 60 minutes
  • Theta Brainwave CD 60 minutes
  • Delta Brainwave CD 60 minutes
  • Live recording of Brainwave talk given in London DVD
  • Full colour manual with worsksheets to track the changes in your life

Normally £69, publishers discount £59

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