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the keys to confidence do your homework always tell the truth have pure motives say what needs to be said do the hard thing

Keys to Confidence

Read More

Thoughts on Coaching

Coaching • Process of helping another person to perform at the peak of their abilities • It Read More

Meta Programs

Meta-Programs – Patterns of Motivations

Meta-Programs are individual patterns through which we experience the world. There is so much Read More

Values Motivate us

Values Motivate Us

A Frank tale of wartime persecution……… Anne was born in Germany in 1929 and as a little girl life Read More

The adventurer


The Adventurer I am fed up with whiners, naysayers and complainers what about you? I choose to see Read More

effects of words

Effects of words on our results in life

THE EFFECTS OF THE USE OF WORDS ON OUR LIVES Words are powerful and their use has influenced key Read More

sub modalities


How do you know you believe something? How do you know you disbelieve something? How do you know Read More

Swish pattern

Swish Pattern

Changing your behaviour with ease  Out of NLP has grown a range of wonderful tools to help people Read More